Video Production.

“Video making, video editing and video making with the help of the images captured, making a video include various steps to finding an idea and then writing a script for that, shooting, editing, effects or illustrations and sound excision”.

Unique Technique
produces Video Production

Now a days, people are having more interest in easy entertainment, watching shows in video form, whether it’s a movie, dance, online classes or online promotional video. Result of video production is an increase in sales and revenue because of large and easy market capture. Video is trendier and highly impactful way to promote, to tell stories or in order to make them care regarding an issue, to sympathize with a person, to create awareness of a product, or to show the recipe, or even just to create interest in order to learn about any subject more deeply.

Haimcrest Approach to Produce a Video

Producing a video is a very long and tedious process so we distribute the complete process in three sub-processes. The trick here is that for each sub-process, there is a different team having different set of skills. This helps us to achieve perfection in each part of the video which is not possible if we have a same team doing the complete job.

Pre Production

First of all, the script development is done. It is the pre-shooting stage, which includes project kickoff, writing stories and scripts boarding, research hiring crews, casting scouting and, scheduling post-production, locking locations and more. This is the planning part of the video production and our team contains a lot of thinkers and brain-stormers for this purpose. This team sits with the client for hours in order to know exactly what our client wants and make a plan accordingly.


In this phase, we combine all the pre-production and script development together. All the Equipment used by us is of top quality including cameras, lightning etc. Also, the team that carries out this operation is of the professionals who have worked in this field for many years.

Post Production

the stage where the magic happens using the power of computer. We have a dedicated team for graphics and another team for sound. These teams ensure the quality in very aspect to be as per the requirements of the industry and audience.