Learn A Lucrative Digital Skill To Secure Your Future Or Your Children's In The Digital World.

Haimcrest Int'l Is Situated In Oshogbo

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Did you know that?

80%  of companies world-wide are no longer interested in your certificates or what you read in schools, the first question they ask now is the set of skills that you've and can elevate and grow there business.

Many graduates are out there searching for job 24/7, but still not getting employed, do you know why?

That's because the 20% of the remaining companies that are still employing people or graduate are full and that's why the level of unemployment is increasing daily in the country.

And the sharp ones are learning digital skills to earn legitimately online.

That's why we are opening our academy to the people of Oshogbo to have opportunity to learn digital skills in a conducive environment and at an affordable price. 

Digital Skills are for you if you are...

A Graduate
A Student
A Teacher / Lecturer
Someone That Want's To Be Self Employed.
A Parent.
Even A Banker

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll With Haimcrest Int'l

Haimcrest has been one of the best digital academy in Oshogbo that's going to set you on the stage of being financially independent.

We've got a huge potential to give you good results even if you are a beginner, who decides to get serious to work

The best part of enrolling with us is that you must start earning before you leave our academy as a graduate, getting visible results in  no time.

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About the Founder Of Haimcrest Int'l

Adewale Adekunle

Adewale Adekunle is the founder of a five star Web Design & Marketing company HAIMCREST INTL. and a one time struggling fella like you, who simply smiles every week when he stares at his Earning dashboard. He has helped grow multiple businesses for people to 6 figures simply using the marketing strategies that you can also learn in his academy.

In this academy, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve success with the skills you choose to learn.

Here’s what people are saying about Adewale Adekunle

Great Value To Give

He has got great value to give.

I haven't bought his course yet. But being on his email list is worth paying for.



Thank God I Met You

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to God I met you. I will get there soon



Thank You Mentor

I want to thank you Mr Wale, for your guidance and teaching. God bless.